Published in Flea Market Decor

Published in Flea Market Decor

I’ve been keeping a little secret but now I get to let you in on it! I’m so excited to have my photography published in Flea Market Decor Magazine August/September 2019 Issue and I have to thank Kelly Rideout! I first met this talented lady when our booths were next to each other at the Behind the Picket Fence flea market in Costa Mesa in 2014. It was my first time selling at a flea market and I was a little bit nervous. Kelly and her daughter Noelle had their booth, Far Away Hood, all set up to create custom signs and the Mother/Daughter team were the best neighbors I could have ever asked for. Since then we’ve seen each other while selling our goods at flea markets, including the Vintage Marketplace in Rainbow, CA and also at The Coast Vintage Market in Mission Viejo, CA.

Now that I’m focusing on photography, I asked Kelly in March if I could take an Environmental Portrait of her for my Digital Photography class and I’m so thankful she said yes! Not only did I take her portrait but I got to take pictures of her and Noelle and her beautiful barn on her property in Fallbrook. And let me just tell you that her homestead is major goals for me. Gorgeous house? Check! Spacious Barn? Check. Tranquil pond with a dock and ducks? You better believe it. I’ve dreamed of living out in the countryside in a beautiful home just like Kelly’s and I’m so jealous, but in a good way. I’m thrilled that she’s living her best life in her gorgeous surroundings. #Goals

Her barn is such a dream painted in traditional red and trimmed in crisp white. Adding to the perfection was the full hillside of beautiful wild flowers stretching their pretty faces up to the sky after all of the spring rain we had. Inside the barn Kelly is set up to host creative “Wine & a Sign” classes where students can come in and create a one-of-a-kind barn-wood and metal signs for their home or for a gift for someone special.

The walls have so many signs displayed in a rainbow of colors that your creative juices can’t help but flow!

Kelly with her sweet pup, Hope.

Thank you, Kelly, for letting me take your portrait and this incredible opportunity. And congratulations on being featured in Flea Market Decor Magazine!

A Year in County Jail and a $10,000 Fine? No, Thank You!

A Year in County Jail and a $10,000 Fine?  No, Thank You!

Great news!!! I have a Child Performer Services Permit and can officially photograph minors under the age of 18!

Very few people are aware that anyone working with any artist, model or performer who is under 18 years old in the state of California for a fee in must have a Child Performer Services Permit. This includes managers, acting coaches, publicists, and photographers. The penalty for not having this permit is punishable by a year in county jail and a $10,000 fine! The law, AB 1660, states that anyone who works with child actors in the state must be fingerprinted and pass an FBI background check. “AB 1660, prohibits registered sex offenders from “representing or providing specified services to artists or performers under 18 years of age.” Fingerprints and FBI background checks are required to ensure that registered sex offenders don’t skirt the law by working under assumed names.”

I got a little bit nervous after I went to the Sherriff’s office to get fingerprinted because the results came back and said I had to get fingerprinted again for the FBI. When I returned, the Sheriffs told me that many of the recent fingerprint results had been refused by the FBI so it wasn’t just me. On an interesting note the Department of Homeland Defense was perfectly fine with my first set!

As it turns out there’s several photographers on the “Approved List” for an LA Based Modeling Agency who do not have this permit! To make sure that your chosen photographer has this permit, you can search the database: Search Child Performer Services Permit

I’m a Finalist in the Shoot and Share Photo Contest!

I’m a Finalist in the Shoot and Share Photo Contest!

In my last post I couldn’t believe that I was a finalist in the top 4.5% of the Shoot & Share Photo Contest and I’m even more excited to announce that I just found out the final results. I’m over the moon that I had two photos that earned a Finalist Award, and one photo in the Top 20%, and 2 in the Top 30%!  This was my first year entering the contest and I went in with zero expectations, because I’m still relatively new to photography. Once I logged in and started voting for photos in the various categories I was so overwhelmed at the high caliber of the other photographers. There were 12 rounds of voting and the more votes a photo received the better the chance of making it to the next round.

The way this contest works is that it is “Completely Free and Fair”.

A lot of times photographers with a HUGE number of social media followers will tell their followers to go and vote for their photos in whatever contest they’ve entered. That gives people with HUGE influence a HUGE chance to sweep the contest. But, this photo contest is completely different. It is totally free, nobody has to pay to enter, and you don’t have to sell tickets to get more votes. Photographers can enter up to 50 photos into 25 different categories. My name is never displayed during voting so only people who closely follow my Instagram even recognize my photos. And even then, since I like to attend group shoot-outs, up to 12 photographers may have taken the same or similar photo. That means that “each photo is judged on its own merit and every photo is given equal opportunity to be voted on. It is displayed the same number of times to the voters as any other, so every photo is in the running.”

Blog Journey Christine DSC3493 -Edit-Edit-Edit

This photo of cutie pie actress and model Journey was a finalist in the top 2.2% and ranked number 383 out of 41,321 other photos in the Babies & Toddlers category. And not only that but 61 people selected it as one of their favorite photos.  So amazing! A huge thanks to Journey and her sweet mom, Celina, for allowing me to capture Journey’s smiles and sass.

To put it all in perspective, the contest started with 583,150 photos. By the time the contest was in Round 12 only the top 2.2% of all photos remained and I was still in! Over 174,215 unique voters participated from 144 different countries. If you put all of that together, the voters spent over 15,809 cumulative days casting over 90 MILLION votes! How amazing is that?

Blog _DSC1297

This photo, taken at the Orange County Fair, was a finalist in the top 2.2% and ranked number 451 out of 18,262 other photos in the Creative Projects category.  Super excited that 33 people selected this photo as a favorite.

Blog _DSC4120 copy

This photo of beautiful Aylin made it to the top 20%.  Thank you, Aylin!

BLOG DSC_5683-Edit

This photo, taken in gorgeous Laguna Beach, CA, ended up in the top 30%.

Blog _DSC5718-Edit

And my photo of a dancer at the Dia de los Muertos event at Hollywood Forever Cemetery made it to the top 30%.

Thank you so much to my clients and models who have allowed me to capture their smiles and let me to tell their stories. And an extra special thank you to my friends who have been so generous with their time and advice and helped me learn so much about photography. And an extra huge thanks goes to my husband, Phil, and my kids, Savannah and Trevor, for being my cheerleaders and biggest fans!

But the biggest thank you of all goes to not only everyone who participated in the contest and voted but to the organizers of the Shoot & Share contest!

I’m thrilled to be a finalist and I’m looking forward to next years contest!

Challenge: Create a “Pop Art” image using a Photoshop Tutorial

Challenge: Create a “Pop Art” image using a Photoshop Tutorial

As I’m editing photos I often learn on the fly from tutorials posted on YouTube. While sorting through my images to submit to the Shoot and Share Photo Contest I came across a photo of beautiful model Cryss Salinas and wanted to make her into a Pop Art comic book character.

I’ve followed along and edited photos while watching videos from Marty of Blue Lightning TV Photoshop before and today I found out he has a Patreon site so I subscribed. I love supporting artists and he truly puts out amazing tutorials that are easy to follow and always give me great results.



christine barker dsc_8113 color punch social

This is the photo of Cryss that I started with, super pretty and full of fun colors.



christine barker dsc_8113 comic strip social

After I completed the tutorial this is my finished image. I LOVE it!


You can see his tutorial , “Photoshop Tutorial: How to Make a Comic Book, Pop Art, Cartoon from a Photo” on YouTube and create your own fun Pop Art images.


Thanks for stopping by.  If you’d like to chat with me about an upcoming project, or would like to collaborate, drop me a line!



Published in La Belle Kidz Fashion Magazine!

Published in La Belle Kidz Fashion Magazine!

Christine Barker Photo 3493


I’m so excited to have my photo of adorable actress and model Journey Christine published in the Winter 2018 issue of La Belle Kidz & Teen Fashion Magazine.  I’m filled with gratitude to have my photography featured in such a stunning publication and so thankful to La Belle Kidz for the opportunity.


La Belle Kidz Logo


Journey Christine is featured as a La Belle Fav Model and I’m so happy for her. I was lucky to meet five year old Journey Christine in September. After talking to her mom about my plan for the shoot I found the perfect dress from Biscotti and designed a Beyonce-inspired floral crown for Journey to wear. Not only is Journey absolutely adorable but she has the most charming personality. She flitted from tree to tree, like a precocious little pixie, in a gorgeous park in Pasadena, California and worked her magic for the camera. The results were stunning and I’m so thrilled for her continued success.


To learn more about Journey Christine, visit her on Instagram and see all of the incredible work she’s already done for Disney, Honda, Walmart, Kohl’s, Home Depot and other top companies.

Published in Avant Garde Magazine

Published in Avant Garde Magazine


Our cover model, Nicole Fitzgerald

On a cloudy and pale July morning we set out to capture images of the mysterious Lady of the Lake.

Christine Barker 0260

The warmth of Summer held us in its languid embrace and the wildness of the wetlands enveloped us in enchantment.

Christine Barker 0533

With a smoldering look and the hint of mystery in her eye, the Lady of the Lake withheld all of her secrets from us.


Christine Barker 1024

The Enchantress beckoned us to come closer.


Christine Barker 1189

From the wetlands we moved on to a nearby pool and created magic as the sun rose hot and high in the sky.


Christine Barker bts1

I always love to see Behind the Scenes photos so I can see the scene from the perspective of someone else.


I’m so grateful to this team that I had the privilege of working with and especially thankful to Hair Stylist, Nicole Martin and Fashion Designer, Kasha Faye for inviting me to be a part of this collaboration. I’ve been officially published in a print magazine,  the August 2018 issue of Avant Garde Magazine, and I have this amazing team to thank! I feel so lucky to know so many talented artists and to be able to create this beautiful shoot, surrounded by a talented fashion designer, a hairstylist who transforms models tresses during New York Fashion Week and my friend, Emmy Award Winning Make Up Artist Margaux Lancaster, was a dream come true. The model, Nicole Fitzgerald, is a delightful soul and we recently got together to take some lifestyle and fitness shots of her and I can’t wait to share them!  And I feel so thankful that my husband, Phil Barker, came along on the shoot and was my photography assistant and runner. Thank you, everyone!

Christine Barker bts2


Fashion Designer: @kashafaye
Photographer: @christinebarkerphotography
Hair: @nicolemartinhair
Makeup: @margauxlynlancaster
Model: @nicolejeneanefitness
Floral: @LyndaBYoung
Photography Assistant: @pbarker21

Magical Mermaid and Unicorn Shoot

Magical Mermaid and Unicorn Shoot


“I want to be magic. I want to touch the heart of the world and make it smile. I want to be a friend of elves and live in a tree. Or under a hill. I want to marry a moonbeam and hear the stars sing. I don’t want to pretend at magic anymore. I want to be magic.”
― Charles de Lint

It’s not often that I’m invited to a Unicorn and Mermaid photo shoot but with a love for all things whimsical and magical I could only say yes!  The event was organized by Kaitlin Agee and Brooke Champlin on a beautiful day last August and it was so nice to see them again along with some photographers that I’ve met at other House of Flynn – California Tribe events. 
Unicorn Model: @rachelsteph 
Mermaid Model: @AshleyBethLarson
Stylist: @kaitlinagee 
Unicorn horn: @fireflypath 
Mermaid crown: @gemsandbonesjewelry
Face jewels & glitter: @thegypsyshrine