Christine Barker

Capturing the essential humanity of the subject is integral to Christine’s approach to photography, whether it’s a high fashion shoot or photographing abandoned art and structures. As disparate as her body of work is, she attempts to capture truth in all of it.

It’s important to her to be prepared for the decisive moments while seeking authentic images. She strives to educate herself in the subjects she shoots and attempts to share that knowledge and engage the viewer in understanding the importance of each body of work.

“I see with my eyes but shoot with my heart.”

As a humanitarian it’s essential to her to share the beauty and character of everyone she shoots, but most especially marginalized groups. She’s proud to be a part of helping the LGBTQ Community represent themselves with a visual voice to share with the world.

Her hope is that her work helps the viewer to consider our existence in a different way and recognize that everything and everyone has value and contributes to our understanding of our world.