My name is Christine Barker and my soul exists to make art. I’m a wild-hearted wanderer finding inspiration in every day moments and allowing nature to be my muse. That may sound trendy and contrived but with a serious case of artist’s brain I can’t walk down the street without looking at a circle of mushrooms and wondering about the family of fairies that could be dwelling underneath the enchanted dome.

In 2000 I graduated with a degree in Business Management from Pepperdine University which led to a career in online marketing but my heart always pulls me back to being creative. I purchased my first DSLR in 2001 to take photos of my children and my arts and crafts endeavors. Once in a while I would edit a photo in Photoshop but it hadn’t lit a fire in me yet.

My creative breakthrough came while attending the Pura Vida painting retreat in Costa Rica hosted by Mati McDonough and Faith Evans-Sills in 2016. I was surrounded by creative souls who helped me finally realize that my passion lies in pursuing the creative siren’s song and chasing inspiration wherever it may lead me. It’s difficult to be content with the mundane when one’s mind is constantly turning over ideas for photo shoot concepts, costumes and locations.

I enjoy capturing people and moments in time and knowing that these images are simply a reminder of a future memory that has passed and will never happen again. I don’t believe that photos should be perfect, they’re merely a snapshot of what is happening at that unique moment in time.

Embracing my creativity and learning the many details of photography has created some enormous challenges for me because I hold myself to an impossible standard but the work of all of the incredible photographers around me pushes me to do better each time I pick up my camera. I thrive in the creative chaos that this change in focus has brought to me and I look forward to making the whimsical and sometimes deranged dreams in my head become a visually stunning reality.

“We are mosaics – pieces of light, love, history, stars — glued together with magic and music and words.”
― Anita Krishan



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